Company sevencop
CEO Name jeongsik choi
Telephone ☎ +82-2-889-9433
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Address 208, 1861nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-726, Rep. of KOREA, 208 Duksu B/D Hangun-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul , Korea
Selling Category [K_290102020000] CCTV Camera

Dear customers,

How about you?
Superior technology, quality products and supplies
Korea car black box with a small amount of the manufacturer
Korea since 2011 we sevencop co Ltd. Black box, CCTV camera business. We are in Seoul, including the stiffness of the various production car black box with a large modern factory
We are mainly car black box, CCTV cameras provide a small volume. Car Black Box, our monthly output is 40000pcs one month we have a CCTV camera
30000pcs supply. Supply black box under the strong points I would like to mention:

1. Quality products
UL, CE certification and quality control to get the products to implement the act. In addition, car black box, with a wealth of experience in production, our product quality is now very mature and stable.

2. Competitive price
Our monthly production capacity is increasing, we are very competitive in Korea than the competition, you can control costs.

3. Services
We have an urgent need for a short period of time can provide We offer our customers a quick response to this question, and promise a response message in 3 hours. We provide services to our customers has built an effective sales team.

Best Regards
Mr, Jeongsik choi

Fatory Add: 208 Duksu Building 1861 Nambusunhwanro Gwanak-gu Seoul Korea
Zip code :151-726
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Fax: +82-2-64559430
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